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Antonio Cabeza Herrera

Foreman and Lead Painter

Antonio Cabeza Herrera is the Foreman and Lead Painter at Canseco Painting, widely known among his colleagues as "Picasso" due to his exceptional skill and artistry. With 30 years of experience and an eye for detail, Antonio leads the team with dedication and a commitment to excellence. His meticulous approach and creative touch ensure that every project, whether residential or commercial, is completed to the highest standards. Antonio’s expertise and passion for painting are evident in the vibrant, long-lasting results that CansecoPainting consistently delivers.

Jesus Durand

Senior Painter

Jesus Durand is the Senior Painter at Canseco Painting, bringing a wealth of experience and a keen eye for perfection to every project. Known for his reliability and meticulous craftsmanship, Jesus consistently delivers top-tier results that exceed client expectations. His extensive knowledge of painting techniques and materials, combined with a strong work ethic, ensures that each job is completed efficiently and to the highest quality. Jesus's dedication to his craft makes him an invaluable asset to the CansecoPainting team, contributing significantly to the brand’s reputation for excellence.

Mamata Talukdar

Operations and Project Manager and Partner

Mamata Talukdar is the Operations and Project Manager at Canseco Painting, ensuring seamless coordination and execution of all painting projects. With a strong background in project management and operations, Mamata excels at overseeing the logistical and administrative aspects, ensuring that every job runs smoothly from start to finish. Her organizational skills, strategic planning, and attention to detail guarantee that timelines are met and client expectations are surpassed. Mamata's leadership and dedication to efficiency and quality make her an essential pillar of the Canseco Painting team, driving the company’s success and reputation for outstanding service.

Ayanjit Phukan

Consultant and Partner

Ayanjit Phukan is the Consultant and Partner at Canseco Painting, bringing strategic insights and valuable expertise to the company. With a background in the construction industry, Ayanjit plays a crucial role as a consultant and partner at Canseco Painting. His ability to identify market trends, and develop innovative solutions will be instrumental in propelling Canseco Painting to new heights. Ayanjit's commitment to excellence and his forward-thinking approach ensure that the company remains competitive and continues to deliver exceptional value to its clients. His partnership is a cornerstone of Canseco Painting’s ongoing success and reputation for quality and innovation.

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